wave on cliff

As a Christian I pray and go to Church.Every Sunday I am there and usually I am serving in one way or the other. I always love helping out and being part of my Church. I mean I have a pretty awesome Church filled with family members. That is not what this post is about, though.

This post is about my prayers. I have been praying, “God am I doing things right? Am I too busy? God am I doing what you want me to? How is this helping, Lord? I really don’t see any good fruits coming from what I’m doing. And God, what about my family? When will you show up in their lives? I am sure all of them could use your strength and love. But on another topic, what about my future? What is going on there? Do you have a husband for me? Am I suppose to be single? What about that guy over there, is he the one? Should I be looking for some one? Should I be open to that other guy over there, God? And God what about those who are following you right now? What can I do to help them? Can you heal them too? God, you are keeping them safe or at least where you want them to be right? God, you have everyone in your hands right?”

The worst part about all that prayer is that I haven’t really stopped lately to listen to the answer. He still answers my prayers, at least the ones where it’s his actions that are the answer. Of course, I was looking and waiting for two areas of prayer to be answered. I was watching, thinking and almost obsessing about two areas in my life and was waiting for God to show up.

I was like a child. I basically went here is my wishlist prayer God now go be Santa and  give me all the prayers right now. I want them all answered in my timing. That is not how God works.

As I was staring at the chimney, really waiting for that one shiny present to be dropped down God walked in the front door and place a gift behind me. It’s an amazing gift that I cherish am, so very excited about. It was just not the one I was focused on.

The funny thing with God is that he knows what is best and we are God’s kids. He’s got us and will lavish us with amazing gifts, even if we think we need something else.

I am so happy that God is the one in charge and I am 100% grateful that he loves us so much. If you don’t believe that keep a prayer and/or blessing journal. God is there and he loves you.


Stress Relief

Hello, it has been a while since I have posted on this blog. In all honestly I almost forgot about it.

I guess I was just too focused on my main, “post everything” blog. It is harder to post on a blog with a more narrow topic, although God is such a huge topic that can be related to everything. My other blog is more suitable for my poems about bacon and my ode to my bed.

Still here I am writing on this blog. It is because God is amazing. If you do read my other blog you will know that I have posted a lot, pushing myself, and getting stressed about it.

I felt these elastic bands twisting around my heart, tightening my heart, blocking its emotions and shutting my heart down.

I realized that I was so focused on my plans, my works, and my doings that I left God behind. He told me to use my creativity to spread his love and I ran with that. I ran as fast as I could as if life was a sprint not the marathon. I heard yesterday at my church that we some times put on jet-packs, when we are supposed to be getting in a helicopter with God being the pilot, well that is exactly what I did.

Finally after hearing that message I prayed to God. I climbed out on my roof, which is right out side my bed room window and prayed in the night air with the ocean gently crashing in the close distance. After I laid everything out to God telling him I didn’t know what I was doing, what he was doing and where I should go. I told him that my life isn’t working, because I am stressed but I can’t see anything else to change. After all this I stopped. I waited and I listened.

That is when I felt him near me whispering into my soul that he is near, and he loves me. The creator of the world loves me, just like he loves you. He is always with me, just like he is always with you. The most amazing thing is that he released all my stress and worries, which he can do to you if you go to him. He truly is amazing and there for his children who he loves no matter what.

I hope this post has helped you and that you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think of this and God bless you.cropped-cliffs-0131.jpg


my Psalm- #1

Now This is not my first Psalm that I have written to God, but it is the first on this blog.

Lord, how much higher are you

how much greater are your understandings.

You are merciful and wise,

you protect and guide,

even when I stumble

you are near.

When I worry, you calm my heart.

Lord, you know what is best

you know my heart

and you know my needs.

My life is yours, Lord,

and you know how to guide me.

The universe is in your control

you created everything in existence

yet, you still love, protect and guide me.

Your mercy still falls on this one,

who stumbles and fall.

Lord, how much higher are your ways.

Thankfulness and Joy

A while back I read a book called One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. The main point of this book is to bring you into a habit of realizing how wonderful your life is. It was a simple book and with a simple exercise, write down everything you are thankful for. Share with your future self, God, or a group what you appreciate and what brings you joy.

Now, like I said it has been a while since I have read it, but I still keep a journal of all the things I am thankful for. This helps me put things into perspective and reminds me of all the things God has given me. The wonderful part is I am realizing more and more is that the things I am thankful for and that bring me joy are not things at all. My list is primarily people and activities with people.

Today I want to share with you the people, activities and things that God has given to me to brighten my days and I hope this will brighten yours.

  1.   Sharee
  2. Justin
  3. Marc
  4. Ryan
  5. Jeni
  6. Jerad
  7. Diane
  8. Andrea
  9. Chuckk
  10. Tara
  11. Mom
  12. Grandma
  13. Memere
  14. Carl
  15. Karl
  16. Taylor
  17. Jaci
  18. Noah
  19. Rhiannon
  20. Ava
  21. Nicole
  22. Kevin
  23. Alania
  24. Jesus
  25. My entire family
  26. Elevation
  27. Sheri
  28. Brian G
  29. Bryce
  30. Bruce
  31. Janet
  32. worship
  33. Monday meetings
  34. messages in the Bible
  35. God
  36. Tina
  37. Debora
  38. communication
  39. my book (that I’m writing)
  40. The Bible
  41. God’s love
  42. When Sharee spoke God’s words
  43. Nick
  44. Christian
  45. Cierra
  46. God talks with Rachel
  47. Twin Rivers Church
  48. spending time with Lindsey
  49. Katie
  50. meeting Angela
  51. Taking Dad to church

I could go on, but this is at least a start of the list. I have many more things, people, and times I have been thankful. I will hopefully share more at a later time. I just wanted to share how I hold on to the joy in my life. I believe, it is important to share what your thankful for and who or what brings you joy.  I have found that it is a great exercise for your soul.

Now, I know most of those reading my list have no idea who the people are and how deeply I am thankful for the people and times on my list. I understand this still I believe it is important to share, if for nothing else than for me to have it some where I can look back at it and remember I am blessed.



Heaven and Hell

I have had this thought in my head for a while now, because like everyone I think about the after life. At least I believe everyone thinks about what happens when they die.  What will happen? Where does your soul go? Do you still exist after you die?

No one on earth can be 100% sure of what happens, but I believe that there is a Heaven and there is a Hell. I’m fairly confident in this, but I don’t think I view them the same as most people. This is what I think:

Heaven is more beautiful, more like paradise than we can ever imagine. It is a perfect paradise filled with love and God. It is his wonderful, bright home where he is throwing the best party ever. There is music, amazing food, awesome people, and so much fun. It is greater than any festival, feast, celebration, or gathering that has ever   been or will ever be. And it is for anyone who wants to come.

Through out your life God invites you to this amazing, awesome, and wonderful party. He just asks that you respond and tell him if you want to go to the party. He asks because he has created you and wants you to be part of his celebration.

Some people decide or think that they can’t go to the party. They believe that they need to be better, they need to be cleaner, or that there is no actual festival. What ever the reason the do not go to the party.

Now, there is a bouncer at Heaven’s party. He has all the names of people who responded, who said they would go. Everyone will stand in line and try to get into the awesome party, but some will be turned away because the host does not know them. Why would the host of a party allow some one they do not know into their home? Would you be able to get into a big party, or fancy celebration without being on the list?

Those who told God that they would not be joining, go to the other party. Those who turn from God and tell him that they do not want to celebrate with him go to Hell.

I imagine it as the house across the street from the huge house party. This ‘party’ does not have a bouncer and all is welcomed. The major issue with this is that the host of this party is not as great as the other host. The party is not for his guests, but for himself. He does not care about those at the party and there is no celebrating. It is a dirty and stinky house on fire with no rules, except that you must stay at the party for eternity.  You can see the true celebration with food and fun, but can not go there. You can see other people enjoying themselves, but can not partake in the fun. You simply sit in the crowded house and watch others try to escape or try to fight for control. No one ever succeeds, but they try.

Which house do you want to go to?


focus on the little things

I tend to focus on the big picture, my big dreams, my entire life or the life God wants for me. I look for the life changing stories and earth-shaking events. I want to focus on the epic story and larger than life art work God creates. I mean he did create the universe and has written all of history. He knows your inner most being and everything else about you. The craziest thing about that statement, why it makes it one of the big things, is because that is true about everyone on earth. He knows everyone’s inner being and outer personality. He knows everything about everything. The God I follow and trust is that massive and masterful.

See, I focus on the big picture. I enjoy looking at the everything as a whole. However, I’m realizing more and more that if you focus on the big picture you lose out on the little things. Even worst if you only look at the whole you might spend your whole life just looking. I found myself doing this. I was simply looking at what I thought God wanted me to do. I was only studying to figure out the answer. Then something switch and I realized in order to reach my enormous dreams I first have to take tiny steps.

Now, I have heard every journey starts with one step or life is filled with lots of little moments. Yet, it is one thing to hear it and another to really believe/ realize it, because you can say pretty words but in order for them to matter you have to actually use the knowledge attached.

So, I invite you to take tiny steps. Do something small today and watch how big of a change it can make in your life.

I will be writing more as I focus on the small stories and tiny revelations God gives me to share.

God Teaches

Kristin was brought up in the Catholic church. She went to mass every Sunday and CCD, which is a Bible study program for kids. She went to church, followed the rules, and grew up learning about God, but when she was a teenager she discovered a more personal relationship with God.
She was fifteen when her now husband brought her to a Billy Graham event, where Mr. Graham talked about a relationship with the God of the Bible. That was the night that her relationship with God deepened and the long journey in becoming who God wants her to be started.
At first she would go to Catholic mass on Saturdays and Jim’s (her now husband) church on Sundays. After a while she realized she started questioning some of the rituals that the Catholic church was teaching and decided to solely go to the church Jim attended.
Since her journey started she has grown into a godly woman with God leading her in every step of the way. He led her to marrying Jim, who is now a pastor of a house church network. God also gave her three boys to mother. Although each pregnancy had complications, she always trusted in God.
God has shown her and taught her many things throughout the years she has followed him; the most important thing being that He, God, is always in control. Which is true, life may seem like it is going the wrong way and everything may be falling apart. Your health and the health of your child may be in danger, but God has you in His mighty hands. All you need to do is trust in him, have faith He knows what is best, and lean on His understanding not your own.